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When parking on the street:
  • Choose an area that is monitored, busy, and lit to rule out the potential attacking.
  • Do not leave any valuables in the car.
  • Put the children in the car from the pavement.
When parking in a car park:
  • Try to choose the spot with restricted entry and exit points. Make sure that it is lit with security patrols.
  • Check the closing times of the parking.
  • Do not leave the valuables in the car.
  • Park close to the lift/stairs where more people pass by.
  • Reverse into the parking space so that you can get out easily.
  • Make sure you can see people approaching you through the windscreen.
  • Don’t park next to huge vans, especially the ones with the driver’s doors.
When you are approaching your car:
  • Check the car and its surroundings, especially the back seats, to know if there are any intruders.
  • If it is dark, get in quickly and lock the doors.
  • In winter, carry a can of the scraper of de-icer in the car so that you won’t have to spend access time in scrapping the windows.
Fuel Saving Tips:
  • Make sure the cold tire pressure is accurate.
  • Inflated tires can add up to 10% to the fuel tire. Replace them.
  • Check the manual for recommended tire pressure.
  • Maximize the top gear use and run the vehicle between 50-55 kmph.
  • Use the gear shift indicator to know the recommended gear for the current speed.
  • Avoid idling, as every three minutes will make you lose one kilometer of travel.
  • Avoid sudden acceleration and sudden braking.
  • Avoid resting the foot on the clutch pedal, as it might cause clutch slippage leading to higher fuel consumption.
  • Get your car regularly serviced and properly tuned.
  • Check brakes for dragging, and if they are dragged, get them repaired.
  • Avoid using poor quality fuel as they damage the engine and its components.


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